The German Cyclists Association

The German Cyclists Association (Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e. V.) is an association of cyclists who together aim to make traffic more cyclable and pedestrian friendly. In addition to its commitment to environmentally sustainable and therefore sustainable mobility, the ADFC advises on all matters relating to the bicycle. This includes consumer advice on bicycle purchases, technology and accessories as well as legal and insurance issues. Enjoy the fun of cycling with our guided bike tours in the Cologne region.

The ADFC Köln e.V. was founded in 1979. In the meantime, the number of members has grown to more than 4000 cycle enthusiasts. The area includes the city of Cologne.

Many people in Cologne wish that the importance of cycling will be increased. They criticize the bad conditions that cyclists find in many places in Cologne. They make suggestions on where and how cycling infrastructure in Cologne should be repaired, rebuilt and recreated. And they are wondering why much takes so long.

Cycling in Cologne is a central theme of our association work. In this respect, we see ourselves as representing the interests of the cycling Cologne residents and are working in many different ways to improve the conditions for cycling in Cologne.

At the office in Mauritiussteinweg 11, members, citizens and visitors to the city can find out about all topics relating to cycling during business hours. The ADFC Köln reaches its members and the interested public via the local club magazine "fahrRAD!", a monthly newsletter and its social media channels.

Even if all outbound communication is done in German language only, English speakers are always welcome. You are new in Cologne or Germany? You have questions about our traffic rules? We are here to support you.


Christian Hölzel

Traffic and Advocacy

Lisa Schlömer


Christoph Schmidt

Press Officer

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